Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My first post - Curiosity Cabinet

Hello everyone
Thought this may be a good way to keep everyone current with my most recent creations.
Not very good a writing about myself or my art but I thought I would give it a try.

Here is my most recent.. A curiosity cabinet. I have been thinking of making one of this for awhile. I had so much fun making it I am thinking of making a whole curiosity shop for myself..

Some of the "curiosities" found on the cabinet:

Fiji Mermaid under glass (always wanted to make one of these)hehe!

Shrunken head under glass

real shark jaw

Sasquatch footprint

shark teeth

monkey skull

two headed stake

photos of people with strange oddities

African fertility statue

sculpted head with strange high skull

seal life coral, sand dollars, starfish, puffer fish etc.


  1. Woo hoo!!! So glad you're in mini blogland!!
    Welcome :)
    Don't worry too much about words, Ericka, your fabulous miniatures speak volumes!! Love 'em to bits!


  2. Me again - I got so excited about your new blog that I forgot to say congratulations about the American Miniaturist cover, and the AIM article!

    Your new cabinets are superb - a feast for the imagination!!

  3. Love your clay pots! when are you making more?

  4. A very big Welcome to the Blogosphere Ericka. So glad you've joined us..x

  5. welcome to the blogland! Being your fan for years I am so happy you give us a chance to see your most recent creations! Thank you so much!

  6. Welcome to Blogland Ericka. You will see so many of your fabulous creations on our blogs, we all love showing them off!! Great to see you blogging and a fab way to keep up to date on your miniatures . This cabinet is a feast for the eyes! Love Kate xxx

  7. Okay, I know I'm slow leaving a comment! Welcome at long last to Blogosphere, I know you will be a huge hit! :o)) I've just replied to your email. :o))

    Michelle xx

  8. LOVE your blog design!!!!Welcome to blogland!!!!!

  9. Great your on blog land :-) Love your work, also loved your article in AIM on line magazine. Nice that so many of us are featured together :-).Kat the hat lady ((Hugs))

  10. I adore your work, Erica! I'm really happy to see you in blogland! Welcome!

  11. Thanks you guys all so very much for the lovey words!! Hope I can keep it interesting enough.. I am just realizing how many wonderful mini artists there are out there in blog land. It is like another world.

    I have been working on another set of clay pots for an Alchemist table. If the table does not work I will sell the pots separately. If the table does work out I am sure I will be making more pots in the near future and post them on here.

    I love AIM! it is a great magazine and so easy to share it with everyone online.

  12. Wow, wonderful creations !! I really love your work and it's a pleasure to discover your blog ! Welcome !

  13. Welcome to Blogland Erica !!!!!!!!!!
    Great to see you here too !!

  14. A big welcome from us too :0))
    I'm sure you'll love it here.
    Julia xx

  15. Welcome to blogland. The cabinet is wonderful.

    There is an amazing mini community here and before oyu know it you'll be writing posts all of the time. Hard not to get involved because it is so much fun and everyone is so lovely :-)

    Loads of peeps to help as well so if you get stuck with anything...just ask.


  16. Welcome to Blogland Erika. Have loved your work for a while but I always check too late.

    Will enjoy seeing your pieces up close so to speak. Great looking Blog too.

  17. welcome to blogging! can't wait to see more of your works :)

  18. So glad you're here!!!! Like everyone else I have been a huge fan for years!! Welcome!

  19. Welcome in blogland,very nice to see you here and your wonderful pieces of work!Jeannette