Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tia's Vieux Carre' Voodoo

I have been working on a voodoo doll “how to”. So of course I made a few more voodoo dolls to sell. They are always fun to make. I thought I would take the time to photograph them in my voodoo shop. I have been meaning to take some “moody” photos of my shop anyway.

I am always adding new items to my shop. You can see the Mardi Gras flag I just got as a gift. Someday I will finish the upstairs too. Probably some kind of séance room.

The wall behind the chair is going to look like "house of blues" style in the future. I went to the house of blues in Las Vegas and it totally gave me so much inspiration on how I want my voodoo shop to look. Very touresty of course.

The gang.. The alligator man was inspired by a similar creation I had seen in a New Orleans Voodoo shop. Baron Samedi in the top hat still needs a bottle of bourbon and a walking stick. The Skeletons were made by Patricia Paul and the carnival mask is by Diane Paone.

Moody photo.. I like to turn off the lights in the room and look into the shop as if I was walking buy..

Tia keeps a watch on here shop.. She is made by Elle Piccolo.. The neon signs were made by Jo and "The Neon Guy" of

Some of these voodoo dolls are available on my web page here:

Fell in love with the miniature neon signs and I just knew my shop had to be a tourist shop on Bourbon Street.

I was so excited when they put my shop and Tia on the cover of AM. I thought for sure it was to strange for them to even print the article..


  1. O`my..wonderful, love every detail!
    So mysterious feeling!

  2. Love the miniature neon signs! Did you make them yourself Ericka?

  3. Très original le thème de cette boutique .

  4. Wonderfully ghoulish and creepy, I love it!!


  5. Thanks so much.. I was going for mysterious, and creepy.. Heheh.. I was always nervous stepping into the voodoo shops in New Orleans. I wanted that kind of feeling for my shop.

  6. The neon signs were made by Jo and "The Neon Guy" of You can buy them off his web page. I special ordered the "voodoo" sign from them. Not sure if he makes the "psychic" signs without the black background anymore. But He teaches classes and you can make the sign say what ever you want.

  7. This IS fabulous and oh so different ! I love how you have dressed it and those neon lights are a first I have seen in mini!

    It's a wonderful project Ericka! :o))

    Michelle xx

  8. How deliciously creepy this shop is Ericka. The sort of place school kids give out dares to enter. I love all the eclectic details including the wonderful neon signs which are perefect for this scene.

  9. Voodoo is definitely dark and creepy - you've captured it so well!
    I always think of ladies with those pale yellow snakes draped around their shoulders when I think of voodoo.
    Looove the shelves with the ceramic jars!

  10. I love your shop and I love your voodoo !