Thursday, September 15, 2011

Denver Miniature & Doll Fall Show Part 1

Back from the Denver Miniature show.. Had a great time! So fun to hang with the other mini collectors and artists.. I took show coverage photos for Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine this year. I always get a guilty pleasure from being able to hold and examine miniatures from some of the most fantastic artists.. I also freak out a little as I have some very precious items in my possession for short periods of time. hehe.. Below are two artists I met and photographed. I will have a part 2 and maybe 3 posts in the next few days

First is Sylvia Mobley. I was so lucky I got to hang with here a little during and after the show.. 

She works in Porcelain and ceramic. Of course she has her wonderful dolls, But she also makes the most detailed wildlife figures. Please check out her blog. She posts a lot of tips and techniques that miniaturists love..

make sure you click on the photos to see a larger picture..

I got to take these two little guys home with me. I think they will end up in my fairy garden?


 next is Ed Chol of J. J.'s Miniatures.. I had to share a few photos of his work here. It is really mind boggling. Tiny hand-painted oil paintings of hand stretched canvas. Hard to see the detail in the photos I took. They almost look like really good photo copies with a passing glance..

 Ed and his super nice wife Phyllis who stretches all the canvases..


 More to come...


  1. The paintings are really great,I adore pieces like that.Unbelievable that someone can paint all these details in such a small size !Thanks for the link to Silvia Mobley's blog,I didn't knew that before. Jeannette

  2. Thank you for sharing this fabulous show. I'm so far from these events ... I'm amazed at this gathering of brilliant artists.