Monday, January 16, 2012

Miniatuare Book Necklaces

Hello all.... A slightly different direction for my miniature books. I have made these in the past but not this many. I personally think some of the chains are too heavy. So I am working on learning some new techniques for ribbon or leather necklaces next time. But they were fun to make. I am actually calling a couple of them "Steampunk" But in my head I always think of them as a wizards book..hehehe..

Above: a Gothic bat with a real amethyst stone accent.

 Above: one of my favorite ones. a very simple but pretty Celtic print.

 Above: Gold Embossed Blue Moon..


Above: Celestial Steam Punk

  Above: Vampire Red Leather..

 Above: another Celestial Steampunk book

My pretty sister posing for me with on of the book necklaces....


  1. O`, I Love Your Book necklaces! They are really Wonderful! The one with the celtic print is gorgeous and I also adore the blue one under the celtic one! Beautiful, beautiful work!

  2. Your books look so good on chains too!

  3. Wonderful necklaces, Ericka! I love your books, what great ideas :)

  4. Oooh, Ericka, I LOVE these! What a wonderful idea! My favorites are the Blue ones... the moon and the one with the Amethyst... it is my birthstone!

  5. I especially love the books with the tiny gears on them. Beautiful and astrological. I want one!!!