Thursday, September 13, 2012

Relics and Curiosities Published in the UK

Just got a copy of Dolls House and Miniature Scene October issue. Contains some really great photos of my Relics, Reliquaries, and Curiosities.. So strange to see them published.. I thought they were going to be to weird to sell.. But they are quite popular.. I love the English magazines because they are larger and always are very generous with there photo space.. I MUST say a big thank you to Deb Weissler for writing such a great article. She also did a little write up about me in the August issue of Dolls House World in her "tick...tock" article..

I have to show the cover (above) because it has my name in print. That is a BIG deal:-) hehe..


 They did a close-up of the saints hand in a relic.. (above) Can you believe there are actually Relics like that?
(below) my curiosity cabinet. Need to make more of them.

 "tick...tock" August Dollhouse World article below..

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