Friday, December 21, 2012

Many Many Butterflies

A few new butterfly minis to show. Cutting out the little guys took me way longer than I figured. Last time I used a kit. But I wanted some new verity this time so I made them myself... I always think of these as something the Doctor would have in the movie or book "The time Machine". Victorian scientific.. But I am sure a witch or Wizard would find use in them too:-)
If you are interested in any of them I have listed them on my Etsy page here:

 Group photo of some of my favorites..

 Actias luna, commonly known as the Luna Moth

 Some of my new tiny dome butterfly stands. I like how they show off each individual butterfly

Above a little twist on my butterfly specimen viewer and stand. This one displays test tubes of herbs and plant matter.


  1. I LOVE your Butterflies!!! My brother and my Uncles collected butterflies when I was little..!
    I have just been making a 1/4 scale butterfly bell-jar for my mini Tree House!!!
    As usual, I LOVE your creations!

  2. So tiny and delicate looking! It would drive me insane to attempt to do butterflies! LOL!! They are lovely Ericka!

  3. Your butterflies are incredible!!!
    How tiny and cute... fantastic!

    Hugs, Lina

  4. Son preciosas tus mariposas. Todo tu trabajo es increible, Tan fino! Felicidades Ana (mucuy)