Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Curiosities and Butterflies

Curiosities and Butterflies
A sneak peek photo of my curiosity shop. Hope to have it finished soon.
This is the lower level

I will be offering some of my new creations of curiosities and specimens

in the coming weeks. Here is the first batch..


These little cases were created by me for my curiosity shop at first.

I have some other larger displays that I will blog about later.

They turned out just as I hoped. Kind of dusty and old looking.. LOL

A new batch of small buterfly domes that everyone keeps asking for.
They can be purchased on my butterfly link above.

Been thinking about making the book case above for a long time. 


  Above some larger domes.. Including a death head moth and a luna moth.


  1. preciosos, me encanta todo



  2. Oh, Erika, I LOVE your shop!!! :) I may have to come "shopping"!!! The butterflies are gorgeous and the book in the glass case.... Fantastic! I hope you will show some close-up pictures of the shop interior... the fireplace alone is Stunning!!! Very inspiring work!

  3. You make the most beautiful things!