Sunday, February 20, 2011

Marie Antoinette’s Pearls and Pugs....

Pretties form Marie Antoinette’s Room box part 2. This time I have some of her favorites. Jewelry and her much loved pugs.
Marie Antoinette was known to love pearls and diamonds. So I have tried to find her some jewelry that would fit that era. I really struggle with making sure the items in her room box fit the time period. I have loosened up my rules a little because after all I am looking into putting a pair of converse shoes in the room. Hehee!!
Below are a few of the jewelry items I have collected.

Pearl necklaces by Lori Ann Potts – of Vancouver, Canada.
You can find a little more info about Lori Ann Potts Here:
and she does sell here wonderful items on ebay here:

Also.. I have included some photos I have collected off the internet. They give me inspiration for more items I would like to include.

Kirsten Dunst decked out with jewelry and dressed for her role in the Movie Marie Antoinette..

Jewelry in the movie Marie Antoinette

The infamous necklace from the “Affair of the Diamond Necklace” Scandal. Many historians believe it led to the French revolution. Probably can’t work it into the room box. She never wanted the necklace. I don’t think it was ever really in her possession. It cost as much as a whole man of war ship of the time.
You can read about the sorted scandal here:

Marie Antoinette’s Diamond Earrings

Diamond encrusted feather broach given to her by her husband. He did not really like all the high feathers she wore in her wigs. I guess he thought this would be classier.

The pearls used to make this necklace were originally Marie Antoinette’s

Three little pugs hand sculpted by Karl Blindheim
Marie was known to have a little pug named Mops, and she was forced to separate with him after they traveled from Austria to France. This was because she was supposed to give up all ties with her native land, some stories do say she was later reunited with Mops. I have also read that she had at least 3 pugs at one time. I am so lucky to have received these perfect little guys as a gift form a wonderful friend.

This is my 15th blog post and I would just like to say a quick thank you to everyone for not making fun of my grammar:-)


  1. Your post just prompted me to spend quite some time reading about the royal family. It's just all so tragic!

    I love, love, love those pugs! The position of the last one is so dear.

    Your grammar is fantastic!

  2. Son unas maravillosas joyas!!!!!
    Me encantan esos graciosos perritos.
    besitos ascension

  3. What fabulous jewellery and so fine and delicate too. I love the pugs! ;o))This is a wonderful project! :o)) Many thanks for the links.

    You are not alone with your blog posts, so don't worry! Mine are full of typo's that sometimes I loose count how many edits I do....and I still manage to miss loads! lol

    Michelle xx

  4. Beautiful things, Ericka!

    You'll need some fans...

  5. OMG! Now I REALLY can't wait to see your Marie Antoinette room-box! It is SURE to be DIVINE with all your perfectly scaled mini treasures! I did not see the movie when it came out... I wanted to but missed it when it came through our theaters. Now I am SURE I need to rent it and watch it ..... eye candy is one of my weaknesses!

  6. This is a great post! I love all that history on Marie Antoinette's jewellery! :) Keep em coming :)

  7. Morgan...
    I started out just wanting a fancy roombox that would remind me of the movie. Now I think I have become a Marie Antoinette buff:-)It is so very tragic. She was sooo very hated.. but really what control did she have over laws and political things. I think the little pug with his butt in the air will have a shoe to be chewing on:-).

    Thanks Ascension..

    Michelle.. Sometimes I go back an look at what I wrote days later and think.. "can anyone even understand what I was trying to say"? heheh.. Maybe this blog will make me a better writer? It s always good to practice:-)

    Tabitha.. I have a few fans. they are pretty but plain.. I will decorate them up a little. Maybe I will need a few more too:-) I will post the fans and a few corsets in my next post..

    Daydreamer.. that is exactly what the movie is... eye candy:-)

  8. Great mops and very pretty jewellery!:)

  9. Perfect! I love the necklaces and the pugs are just the best! This is going to be one cool room box :)

    Victoria ♥

  10. Lovely pieces that will all fit together gorgeously. It's great when you are stash collecting, it feels so naughty!

  11. Thank you for sharing these great pics of those wonderful miniatures, I also love the Marie Antoinette style :-)

  12. I should have some more photos maybe later tonight.