Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Miniature Pouf's and Hats

Beautiful wigs made by Todd Krueger (who is also working on my Marie Antoinette doll:-)

The big wigs were called a poufs’. They were a way for women to express them self without talking.

Some were called sentimental poufs’ and might have included flowers, or if you are Marie Antoinette it may include something like a ship which was here way of expressing her opinions on politics. But her wigs were looked on as very frivolous (they were frivolous). I don’t think she realized her image was becoming out of control until it was too late. Later in life she completely stopped all the fancy dressing and started wearing plain cotton dresses and straw hats.

Pretty hat that I bought at the Good Sam show. I think it is more like her style when she was older but I just fell in love with all the detail.

In the photo above you can see Marie Antoinette in her plain cotton dress and straw hat she wore later in life. But when she was painted in portraits like this people thought she was running around in here under garments. Sometimes you just can’t win..

Wish they showed more of her with this wig in the movie..

A very crazy Pouf'.. I have read that some could be 3 feet high and then you add feathers to that:-)

I just love this photo from the movie. I love the white white hair and then the pale pale blues and pinks of the flowers.

I would love to have a couple of hats like these. Very small and dainty. I know there are a few wonderful hat artists out there. If any one of you wold like to try please let me know..

I think this is such a beautiful bust of Marie Antoinette. If you look closely you can see how finely detailed they carved the lace. I also just love her hair. I like to think this is really what Marie Antoinette looked like. She commissioned many of these busts to be made. Marie was known to have a Hapsburg lip or Hapsburg jaw. Not as bad as some in her family (you can read more here and here). It comes from a lot of interbreeding in her royal Austrian family. I don’t really notice it in her portraits, but I think you can really see it in this bust..


  1. A fascinating theme and so beautiful pieces you have collected .The wigs of Todd Krueger are so cool,love the one with the ship!Jeannette

  2. You done quite a lot of research on her, Ericka! Must of been interesting. I have often wondered how, exactly, they managed to move and keep those towering hair-dos upright at the same time! What a challenge...

  3. Love the wigs and the hats you collected! This will be a great project for sure:)

  4. Your blog is beautiful! I love the poufs, just amazing ;) They are actually making a comeback in the Gothic, Gothic Lolita, and Steampunk scenes.

  5. Wow, Wow.. Love the Wigs and the Hats! Beautiful!

  6. The pouf with the ship :) Excellent.

    Victoria ♥

  7. Thanks guys..

    Tabitha.. I really get obsessive sometimes. When I find something interesting I seem to want to find out everything I possibly can about the subject.. I have no idea how they moved about. They must have had to practice a lot:-) I have read somewhere that some of the lady's had to sit on the floor of there coaches to fit the wigs in..

    Thanks Grim.. I would love to see someone dressed as a goth Marie Antoinette:-) Too cool!!

    Jeannette and Victoria.. I am totally in love with the ship wig too..

  8. Todd's work it is totally and utterly amazing! VERY lucky to own such pieces. I believe the large wigs were also a sign of showing off wealth too.

    Antoinette had many untruths written about her in the news and it tainted her image for evermore. :o( I think you would have already read this. :o)) I LOVE history and have loads of books on it, but moreso on architecture, royalty, the aristocracy, class and society etc.

    Michelle xx

  9. Preciosos los sombreros, un gran trabajo.

  10. Thanks Concha:-)

    Michelle.. Don't you think making miniature rooms would be a great way to teach history in school?
    You really have to learn all the details to make a room box. I love history too. My favorite books to read are biography's of historical characters.

  11. I love all the wigs but the sailing ship is the best one.

  12. WOW beautiful! I made some hats from this period and they are my fav to do. I totally love the wigs fantastic.

  13. Oh Eve, what a fascinating topic!!

    Todd`s work is absolut fantastic!! The hat with the ship is outstanding. I really love his works too!


  14. Dominique and Karin.. the ship was just a must:-)
    Kat.. I would love to see some of your hats from this time period.. I would like to have a few more hats but the room is getting so crowded.. It looks like she is having a lingerie party in there heheeh.. I have Elisa Fenoglio doll all dressed up for a masquerade that I am trying to fit in but it I am afraid she is going to have to go to a different project.