Tuesday, May 17, 2011

American Miniaturist Voodoo Shack in the Bayou

So excited I got my American Miniaturist with Martha Puffs Voodoo Shack. It is such a cool building. I was lucky enough to see it when they were still working on it. Now that it is finished I am so proud to have so many of my miniatures in there. It is a great issue Michael Puff give tips on how to create rust and age ceder shakes. Totally worth buying the magazine for that. I also have a voodoo doll "how to" and there are many other artist "how to's" in the issue like "Kat the hat lady" gives a wonderful tutorial on how to make a leather pirate hat.. There are many other artists I am forgetting.. I am only showing a few of the pages below. But it is a 9 page spread.

Love all the aging techniques on the front of the building.
In the photo above you can see my potion I decorated table in the lower right page.

Above you can see the herb bench I decorated in the left side.A quick peek at my Voodoo Doll how to..


  1. The Bayou Shack is amazing and one of the things that makes it so is your creations. I can't wait to try my hand at voodoo dolls :)


  2. Ill have to get the mag, I cant see enough, want to see more of your wonderful work up close! The house looks amazing and I love her dolls! Abit of a Johnny Depp lookalike in there too....always good!Kate xxx

  3. Mag looks fun I will look for it at Borders. Love anything voodoo....

  4. Its a fab issue, Great to see so many cool artists work including yourself. Look out for me in it too I am Kat the hat lady and I have a pirate hat tutorial arrrrrrrrrrrr shiver me timbers ha ha ha!

  5. Love the Hat how to Kat:-) Soooo into pirates right now..