Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Miniature Reliquaries

rel' i • quar' y. A small box, casket, shrine, etc., for keeping or exhibiting a relic.

rel' ic. 1. A corpse. 2. An object venerated by the faithful because of its association with a saint or other sacred person. 3. pl. Ruins; residue. 4. A survival; a vestige. 5. A souvenir; memento; often, a monument of the past.

I have had in my mind to make some miniature Reliquaries for some time. I think they go along with my interest in curiosities and curiosity cabinets. I wanted to have one for my curiosity cabinet I made recently. But never got around to it. I was spurred on in the past few weeks with the news coverage of Pope John Paul II's beatification.

Here is a link to the sale on my web pag: http://evminiatures.tripod.com/reliquary.htm

Reliquary with a vial of blood.

Jewl incrusted reliquary with a saint skull.
Reliquary with an aged packet or envelope sealed with a wax seal. Many real reliquaries have the Vatican wax seal.

Cross reliquary set with fabric fragments.

Reliquary with bone of a saint..

Below is a photo of the reliquary from Pope John Pauls beatification. here is a link if you are intersted: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/700131921/Faithful-give-thanks-for-John-Paul-beatification.html

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Above is St John's finger displayed in a reliquary. Almost made one of these but i thought the finger looked cheesy:-) Below are some older and jewel incrusted reliquaries.. Hope I can make more like these in the future..


  1. You make me want to collect this style. I love all these wonderful things you do. They are so imaginative and well made.

  2. Thanks Catherine.. Not sure how these will sell. There are a few places I can see them fitting in but they may be to strange:-)

  3. The miniatures are great and you've done a fantastic work but I think they might be a bit too odd for some people.;)

  4. This is amazing... Great job.

  5. They are no more odd or creepy than some of the other "occult" things I've seen in miniature but there might be limited appeal. Regardless, you've done a great job on them and they'd be perfect in the right setting.

  6. Very interesting. The styles in mini are really neat.

  7. I LOVE these. You have managed to make yours look very much like the real Reliquaries. Being raised a Catholic I can relate to them having been around things like this all of my life. I wonder if other's will appreciate them? I think so because they are perfect shrine material!!! You made them so precise! They are fab!!

  8. I love them, they are great. I'm already to late, on your web site, they are all gone !

  9. Wow, Ericka! Your reliquaries are fantastic! I agree they are not for everyone, but you have made them so beautifully real and perfectly miniature! I am very tempted! Your work is always such perfection!