Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First miniature table.. 10 years ago

Cleaning up some paperwork this week and found some printouts of my first table I sold on eBay. I printed it out because I was so excited about how much it went for:-) This was one the reasons I sold my gift shop and decided to sell online full-time.. I was shocked to realize it was almost 10 years ago (in a few months) that I sold this table.. I had been making miniature food for a few years before that.. My mom suggested that I post that somewhere in my logo.. So I did. est. 1999.. Over 10 years of mini magic..:-)

My open book looks a little amature.. but You can see I made a unicorn horn, a bottle of eyeballs and a scroll. I also was already experimenting with gold embossing. I love the look of the table but I have since stopped decorating the top of tables because you really can't see the detail after I glue all the stuff on the top. I usually load up my tables so you can't even see the top now. But maybe I should make a table with gold embossing on the top again?

Below is the second table I sold.

I made a raven claw, mushrooms, and even a staff for this table..
I remember I sold a whole witches cottage on ebay around this time. I can't find even one photo of that cottage I made. Such a shame.. Hopefully the photos are saved in some dark corner of my computer or a lost CD somewhere..

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