Friday, August 12, 2011

Special Commission Table and 200th follower...

Hay everyone.. almost a month since my last post.. and Wow I noticed I have 200 people following my blog now. Weird people care about my work enough to to hit the follow button.. Hehe.. Thanks so much to everyone and Hello to all the new followers out there..

Been trying to catch up with some of my commissions. Thought I would share one with you.

This is a larger scale miniature table.. Not really sure what scale it would be. A collector from the Netherlands asked if I could make a wizard table that would fit into his display cabinet. The table is a little over 8" long and 5" tall without all the stuff on top..


  1. It's fabulous and great to see a different scale other than 1/12th or 1/124th etc. The books look so large! lol Just not used to seeing them this big.

    I LOVE the table and how you have dressed it...full of fantastic ideas as always. :o))))

    Michelle xx

  2. It is a wonderful table full of fascinating wizard items. I love the mechanical things. The papers all look very authentic. It really draws you in and makes you wish you could inspect it all.

  3. Love it and I bet is was fun to work with books in a larger size! I bet you liked the challenge! Youve made everything beautifully as always. Looking forward to seeing the other comissions! Kate xxx

  4. Such a wonderful, wonderful work!!!
    Perfect as always!


  5. Congrats on your followers Ericka! The wizards table is awesome like everything you do.


  6. I love the table!! is a great work, I think it's a scale larger than 1/12,the size of the books could be 1/10 maybe. However, I love all the detail is great! I congratulate you!

  7. Thanks you guys so much.. It was fun to make. Sorry Eliana I accidentally deleted your lovely post on here.. It won't let me put it back:-( I sometimes get crazy with the mouse clicker..

  8. What a great table!! It's awesome, with a lot of details :) I love your work!!

  9. So so nice!!! I love all the accessories. And how do you get things to look so realistic???

  10. Excelente work
    I like it very much.
    Te felicito tu trabajo es excelente y me gusta mucho.
    Tienes una futura clienta