Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Help me chose a name for my book shop... open book giveaway..

Today I took some photos of my book shop.. This was a Rik Pierce “Flourish and blots” class I took a few years back. It is always hard for me to finish my own personal projects. I feel guilty that I should be working on minis to make money hehee!!. I usually have to just take a couple weeks vacation for myself to finish projects. I did that for my Tia Dalma Voodoo shop and my Honeydukes.. What I really loved about Rik’s class is that you spend 4 days straight (with homework too) working. Then you go home with an almost finished building.

Still trying to figure out a name for the shop.. thinking.. If I would choose a name it might give me inspiration and motivation to get working on it.. I would love to hear ideas out there from blogland.. This was actually Julia Jeffreys of idea. Thanks so much JuliaJ

Below are details about the shop and It’s keeper (who does not have a name either)..

This is not a Harry Potter themed shop. It will be filled to the brink with stacks of books,.. like “flourish and blots” But ..I want this book store to show off all the books, papers, and scrolls I make. The books will not be new.. They are rare and antiquated books and documents. And you may find magic or spell book too.. Kind of like the book store on “the never ending story” But an older shop.

Right now there are some of the candelabras, orreries, and telescopes I am selling displayed in the shop, but they are only temporary. In the end it will be books, books, books…

As you can see from the photos there are a lot of architectural details that may be worked into the name. There are gargoyles, dragons, skulls, and an owl carving in various places on the stonework.

The shop owner was made by my friend Todd Krueger. He is a fantastic doll with soooo much detail.. I tried to show some if it in the photos. He has tiny pearl buttons on his cuffs and a ring with a red stone. His face is so detailed and expressive. Hard to see in the photos but he has blue glass eyes and it is strange to say but I love his eyebrows.. Hehehe..

Fun part….. If you follow my blog (by clicking the “follow” button on the left side of the screen) and post and idea (or ideas) for the name of my shop or my Shop owner below I will enter you into a drawing. If your name is drawn I will make you a miniature 1/12th scale open book to your specifications. So the winner could choose the theme of the book and color of the leather binding.. If you have a lot of name ideas that is great but I will only enter your name once to the drawing. Otherwise I may have a mess on my hands. Heeheh!!

I will stop the entries on Sunday the 23rd. So that gives about 10 days for all the creative minds out there to start cranking..


  1. Old Mr Wizards Books.
    Sorcery And Such Bookshop
    A Little Bit Of Magic

  2. I think his name should be Reginald. I'm not sure about the name of the store. I really like him though. He is very expressive.

  3. oooooo how exciting! what about "The fabled Scribe Emporium" :D Linda x

  4. love your bookstore the details and everything. compliments. And I am also a fan of you work iam currently in the proces of making a witches house and your minitures are a inspiration. now a name of the bookstore

    I would say The Tale. Standing voor the story every book has and everything that is told in books

    gr corinne

  5. I've never been very good at finishing my own projects either...or naming things for that matter. Perhaps if you decide on a name for the proprietor (a wonderful piece, btw), such as Terwilliker, you could name the shop after him?

    Love Rik's designs. It's a lovely shop. Hope you find a name that speaks to you!

  6. How about: The White Raven?
    Yes, I know there is no raven but this bird is somehow associated with wisdom and a white one is just unique, so it would be a unique wisdom.;)
    Love the architectual detiles of your house and the doll! Beautiful things!:)

  7. Already some great ideas that I never thought about. I think you are right Tabitha. If I find a name of the proprietor I might be well on my way. Ewa!! It is strange but my wizard tower is going to have a raven theme.. I have put White Raven Tower in my list for ideas for Wizard tower:-)

  8. Just to add Ewa.. My wizard (who is also by Todd Krueger) is holding a raven.. that's why the theme..

  9. ERICKA!!! It's wonderful!!! Also LOVE Todd's wonderful doll!!!!
    How about Mr. Tabularius (Latin for Bookkeeper)

  10. Why not name the shopkeeper Theophilus Alexander, who can become the descendant of Aristotle, or the last librarian, keeper of the Ancient scrolls of Alexandria. The shop could be named after the great library of Egypt, the Museum or the Royal library, which was burned in 48 bc, and held over 500,000 scrolls at the time of its destruction by Julius Caesar. here is alink-

    I have always wanted to recreate a roombox or scene of this great library- I love Egyptian history. I tend to get too immersed into the ideas, and your shop & the shopkeeper are so amazing! I can hardly wait for photos of how you furnish it, Rik's workshops are astounding & show the dedication to detail.

  11. I love your book shop Ericka! I am bad with names, have people trying to name something am building at the moment too. Your shop keeper looks like my Grandfather so I will suggest Oliver. I am sure you will get the perfect name for your shop with all this help hee hee. The carving and stonework on your shop are fantastic! I can imagine a shop filled with your amazing books.

    Victoria ♥

  12. :D Nice to read that!:D
    It seems it will be a hard choice for you, Ericka - so many good names!:)

  13. I'm Italian and looking your book shop my first idea is: Da Vinci Bookshop.Maybe the old man is called Leonardo! :-)
    With every name you will chose your job is fantastic!
    Best Compliments

  14. Amazing shop book,I love your work!
    The name...PIXIE BOOKS
    Miniregards from Spain.

  15. WOW love your book shop! How about 'Zondas and Sons' rare books and manuscrips.

  16. I think the shop keeper looks like an Aloysius. As for the store how about "The Wise Owl" or "The Guardians" for the pair of gargoyles flanking the door?

  17. Ericka, I love your little book shop! I wish I could take a Rik Pierce workshop! I bet you learn tons of building tricks! The architectural details are incredible! Are they all custom made castings? Are they plaster? Are tehy available anywhere?
    As for names, all I can think of is "Spellbinders" .... and maybe the owners name is Benjamin Spellman. I would love to be in your drawing! I can't wait to see what you do with this shop!

  18. Lots of wonderful! Ideas. I am keeping a list.
    I really like "Spellbinders".. Hopefully I will be able to use a mix of ideas.. and come up with some story about the shop.. Daydreamer.. I really learned so much form Riks class. He has no secrets and will tell you how he does everything. He does have his own castings you use in the class. Like the windows and doors. Then he shows you how to paint them to look like stone. I don't think he sells them separately. But I could be wrong about that because I have seen the stone windows in other peoples "none class" castles and buildings.

  19. OOo,I also love the Latin Name...but I did come up with an ALISTER READE,who owns The WORD SHOPPE

    Very excellent building and I love the
    little guy!!!!

  20. Your shop is amazing, Erica and your book keeper is wonderful.You have had some great names for your shop, I can't wait to see what you pick :0)
    Julia xx

  21. I think that the shop could be called 'Spell Bound Books', 'The Mysterious Mole Hole' or 'Bewitching Books Galor'?

    My daughter and I loooove your things!!!

  22. I have to say your book shop is truly wonderful and I sorely wish it was all mine! lol It would be a dream come true for me to attend one of Rik's classes! :o)))

    Anyhow a name for your book shop!

    Eglantine’s Book Fantasia (Englantine is an owl's name from a series of books and one of the books is called Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole) :o)

    Michelle xx

  23. Oooooo, I like!!

    'The Scriptorium'?

    xxx Glenda

  24. Hmm, me again -
    'Bounden Worldes'

  25. Ink Blots
    Quire and Quarto
    The Gilded Word
    Stylus and Plume

    xx Glenda again

  26. Oh a naming.. super!

    Love your store btw, so well made :)

    So how about..

    Black woods book store

    The golden binding

    Mr Jinxes
    rare books & potions

    Ev's book Emporium

    The hollow nook

    The fallen gargoyle

    The lone owl

    The smoky potion

    The brushed cob web

    The Ravens reflection
    rare books & potions

    or The crusty spider!

    Lol at me :p

    Anyway I hope that helps you out ;)

  27. Love Love all the ideas.. I want to start naming a few that I really like but I don't want to discourage anyone from posting more..Hehehhe!!
    This was a GREAT! idea.. I was a little nervous but I am so glad I did it..

  28. I think the book shop should be "Tiny Tomes"!

  29. I loooove your Bookstore ( love all the houses of Rik! ) and all the works you have done for that house.
    The doll is fantasic!!!

    I do not have a name,because I am doing myself so hard to finde name for my projects.
    I think , it is easy to build, but it is not easy to give the buildings a name...grin


  30. Literary Fined (or Literary Find)

    Vintage Bibliotheque

    "Under the Spell"

  31. What a great store! For the name, how about Yester-Year: Scrolls & Binding of the past
    or something like that.

    Good luck!

  32. Hi!
    Inspirational and very charming looking store!
    How about if the name is:
    It is the bookseller the otherway round...

  33. How about "Gothic Tomes".... The old man is wonderful, what detail.... A treasure to have in ones possession.... Maybe a form of an ancient english Scholar who was named WILLIAM OF MALMESBURY or himself being the Keeper of Tomes.

  34. I love the book shop as well as the shop owner... he looks like a very sweet man to me... I kind of like "The Gilded Page Booksellers" or "The Gilded Rhapsody" for the bookshop name, and shop owner's name should be Avaricious Opus Swain(Avid Book Lover).

  35. Okay all.. I am going to shut down any more posts to this list to be fair.. You guys have some Amazing ideas!! I think I already have my mind made up but I will need a few more days to make it public. I will have my chihuahua Lola pick a name for the free book tomorrow. She is the only one who can be fair:-) heheeh!!