Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wand Teaser

I know I keep promising new wands:-) I hope to have photos of them by the end of this weekend. Here is a little teaser for now. Some photos of special orders miniature Harry Potter wands I have made.

Dolores Jane Umbridges wand

Above and below some other past wands I have made.


  1. Love Dolores wand - so cool!:)Your wands are great, they are sold so fast I have never managed to buy one!;D

  2. Well YOU know what I think!!! lol Just perfect in everyway! Sublime! :o))))

    Michelle xx

  3. Your wands are soooooo good, Ericka!
    They each have a definite character of their own, and it's always hard to choose a favourite!!

  4. These are all so perfect! The detail is insane! Great work!

  5. Your wands are so.... well.... Magical!
    Really, the different wands for each of the Potter family are so amazingly intricately appropriate for each character!
    Do you have a tiny lathe? Or do you use tiny files? Are all the woods actually different?
    Sorry, you don't have to answer those questions... I'm just in awe at the detail of your work, Ericka!

  6. Ewa. I plain on having a large batch of wands this time so if you want one there should be plenty:-) But I will always be making more.. The are really fun to make. Thanks so much Michele..ehehe!!

  7. Glenda.. Each one always turns out different. Even if I tried to make them the same it would not happen:-)
    Blake.. Thanks so very much!! I did model the the Harry Potter wands after the movie wands.. I had a little trouble with one of the twines wands and there is no real photo of Charlies wand:-) so I just guessed... I thought the Weasely wands were going to be kind of boring but they ended up giving me a whole lot of ideas for my next batch of wands I am working on now.

  8. Betsy.. I do not have a lathe. I just use a sharp razor blade and my dremmel. I have looked at buying a lathe though.. It would be a lot of fun to play with. Oh and yes I do use files and sanders. I get them at the beauty salon:-) I have found that they have the most wonderful array of delicate nail files for use on miniatures:-)

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  10. Wow these are so tiny and beautifully made.