Monday, January 24, 2011

Lola has a winner..

First.. Let me say thanks so very much for all the help and ideas. It really REALLY gave me a lot of inspiration.. Second I have decided I have 3 winners..

First winner is Patty Benedict because Lola picked her name and she was very sure of herself:-)…. (see photos below) Also the Proprietor will probably have "Tabularius" somewhere in the name and that is Patty’s idea..

Second winner is Daydreamer (sorry not sure of your name) because I am going to use your idea … "Spellbinders".. Underneath the sign.. Probably… “Keeper of rare books and manuscripts”.. not sure yet. “Spellbinders” just seemed to click, but that is not to say I did not have a hard time making a decision:-)…

Third winner is Ewa of The Old Maid because I have made a decision to call my wizard tower “White Raven Tower” I liked the “white” because he is a good Wizard. He is holding a black raven now. but I may have that replaced or just have a white raven displayed in a special place in the tower. Not totally sure of his name yet. Maybe Zenith? After a distant grandfather of mine.. It kind of matches up with all the celestial instruments that will be in the castle too. I will try and post some photos of him soon.

So you three will have to email me with your decision of what kind of books you would like?

She is looking for the right one???

Found it!!

Wants her paper back:-)

With tooth marks as proof:-)


  1. Oh, WOW! Thank you so much Ericka! I am so surprised and sooooo happy!
    Congrats to Patty and Betsy!!
    Did Lola get her paper back?;D She is so cute!:)

  2. Gosh, some people are so good with names. I might have to copy your idea I have three shops without names!

    I love 'Spellbinders'.......

    Looking forward to seeing your next batch of work although I am always a bit late!

  3. Congrats to the winning names. Lola is a good helper :)

    Victoria ♥

  4. Janice.. I was a little nervous about doing it. I kind of felt lazy:-) but I would do it again in a second.. Kind of like "brainstorming" with a group of people.. did you ever do that in school when you were a kid?

  5. Ewa, Lola loves paper. She likes to tear it into a million tiny pieces:-) Bad news if an important paper falls on the floor and you don't notice it..

  6. You are right it is 'brainstorming'

    At my son's school they are no longer allowed to use the term 'brainstorming' because it might cause offence to anyone suffering from Epilepsy......they have to call it a ' thought shower ' ........

    Don't really know what to say about that except, no I am not joking!

  7. Oh WOW! Yay! Lucky, LUCKY me! Ericka, I will e-mail you!.... Got to figure out your e-mail! LOL!
    I am SERIOUSLY honored to have helped name your bookstore!
    I ADORE the things you make! :)!

  8. Conratulations to the winners!!
    What a great idea, Ericka, it was fun for all! :D

  9. I LOVE Lola!!!!! and I'm so darn excited my first book from the great Ericka!!!!!
    doing a happy dance!
    Hugs Patty