Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Prop Potion Bottles

Halloween Prop Potion Bottles
I finally got around taking some photos of my "real size" potion bottles. I made these just for fun to display around my house. I have been collecting the bottles for a long time. I had WAY too much fun making them.
The labels are the same labels I made for my miniatures. I thought it might be fun for everyone to see a larger version of the graphic. You can see much more of the details.
I hope to add more every year. I still need to fill a few of the bottles. Trying to deiced what would be best liquid to use? Maybe I will have to dump them out and refill them every year. Today I bought one of fake snakes that grow larger when you put them in water. I am going to try and use them in one of the bottles. I do keep a vanity in my room with Halloween theme items all year around. But I kind of have a raven or black bird them for my Halloween decor.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have some photos to sow of my new "mini" potion bottles. I have spend too much time playing with my real size bottles.

I just realized I forgot to put my "black death" potion bottle in the photo. It has a rubber rat inside:-)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Miniature Vampire Hunter Cabinet

First I would like to say thanks so much for all the welcomes on my first post..

Something for Halloween...

Miniature Vampire Hunter Cabinet - I really like how this turned out so I thought I would show it off. I made the whole thing form scratch. It is a version of my Apothecary Cabinet. I wanted to find a way to incorporate a vampire skull into a vampire hunting kit. I think it worked out well and it has a bit of Victorian look to it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My first post - Curiosity Cabinet

Hello everyone
Thought this may be a good way to keep everyone current with my most recent creations.
Not very good a writing about myself or my art but I thought I would give it a try.

Here is my most recent.. A curiosity cabinet. I have been thinking of making one of this for awhile. I had so much fun making it I am thinking of making a whole curiosity shop for myself..

Some of the "curiosities" found on the cabinet:

Fiji Mermaid under glass (always wanted to make one of these)hehe!

Shrunken head under glass

real shark jaw

Sasquatch footprint

shark teeth

monkey skull

two headed stake

photos of people with strange oddities

African fertility statue

sculpted head with strange high skull

seal life coral, sand dollars, starfish, puffer fish etc.