Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Batch of Wicked Potion Bottles

Just finished of a batch of Potion Bottles. I have posted a few of my favorites below but if you want to see them all go to:
and look at pages 17, 18, 19, and 20. I can't believe I have 20 pages of potions:-)

Also if you are interested in the new projects I am working on and have a Facebook account you can join my fan page here:

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

American Miniaturist Voodoo Shack in the Bayou

So excited I got my American Miniaturist with Martha Puffs Voodoo Shack. It is such a cool building. I was lucky enough to see it when they were still working on it. Now that it is finished I am so proud to have so many of my miniatures in there. It is a great issue Michael Puff give tips on how to create rust and age ceder shakes. Totally worth buying the magazine for that. I also have a voodoo doll "how to" and there are many other artist "how to's" in the issue like "Kat the hat lady" gives a wonderful tutorial on how to make a leather pirate hat.. There are many other artists I am forgetting.. I am only showing a few of the pages below. But it is a 9 page spread.

Love all the aging techniques on the front of the building.
In the photo above you can see my potion I decorated table in the lower right page.

Above you can see the herb bench I decorated in the left side.A quick peek at my Voodoo Doll how to..

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Miniature Reliquaries

rel' i • quar' y. A small box, casket, shrine, etc., for keeping or exhibiting a relic.

rel' ic. 1. A corpse. 2. An object venerated by the faithful because of its association with a saint or other sacred person. 3. pl. Ruins; residue. 4. A survival; a vestige. 5. A souvenir; memento; often, a monument of the past.

I have had in my mind to make some miniature Reliquaries for some time. I think they go along with my interest in curiosities and curiosity cabinets. I wanted to have one for my curiosity cabinet I made recently. But never got around to it. I was spurred on in the past few weeks with the news coverage of Pope John Paul II's beatification.

Here is a link to the sale on my web pag: http://evminiatures.tripod.com/reliquary.htm

Reliquary with a vial of blood.

Jewl incrusted reliquary with a saint skull.
Reliquary with an aged packet or envelope sealed with a wax seal. Many real reliquaries have the Vatican wax seal.

Cross reliquary set with fabric fragments.

Reliquary with bone of a saint..

Below is a photo of the reliquary from Pope John Pauls beatification. here is a link if you are intersted: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/700131921/Faithful-give-thanks-for-John-Paul-beatification.html

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Above is St John's finger displayed in a reliquary. Almost made one of these but i thought the finger looked cheesy:-) Below are some older and jewel incrusted reliquaries.. Hope I can make more like these in the future..