Monday, January 16, 2012

Miniatuare Book Necklaces

Hello all.... A slightly different direction for my miniature books. I have made these in the past but not this many. I personally think some of the chains are too heavy. So I am working on learning some new techniques for ribbon or leather necklaces next time. But they were fun to make. I am actually calling a couple of them "Steampunk" But in my head I always think of them as a wizards book..hehehe..

Above: a Gothic bat with a real amethyst stone accent.

 Above: one of my favorite ones. a very simple but pretty Celtic print.

 Above: Gold Embossed Blue Moon..


Above: Celestial Steam Punk

  Above: Vampire Red Leather..

 Above: another Celestial Steampunk book

My pretty sister posing for me with on of the book necklaces....

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some New Wizard Staffs

A few new wizards staffs too look at. They are always fun to make.
If you are interested in any you can find them on Etsy here:

All the wands shown above with my wizard by Todd Krueger.
Some of the wands below are made with sea glass and shells
 Above my little Greit "Real Puki Doll" she is about 4" tall.

 Above and below staff made with inset sea glass.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Good Sam Miniature Show Blog

Happy New Year everyone!!! I am sure many of my miniature maker friends have resolutions to finish miniature projects.. Mine is to finish my Spellbound Book Shop and get a good start on my Wizards tower. I also have plains to revamp my studio work area.. What are your miniature resolutions?

I also wanted to mention a new blog for those interested in the Good Sam Show in San Jose.. Here is a place to keep up on all the info and news of the wonderful Good Sam Show..

Here is big list of blogs and web pages for all the miniature lovers out there..