Friday, June 29, 2012

Vampire and Apothecary chests

 Hello all.... Some new Vampire and Apothecary chests ..I always have fun making these.. This time I made some syringes too.. You can view them in more detial if you follow the links below. These are for sale on my Etsy sight..

 Little Rosary...


Monday, June 11, 2012

Gothic Potion Cabinet in Miniature

More than a month since I last posted.. I have returned from New Orleans with some new inspirations and some photos I will share at a later date.
I have a few new items to show in the next few weeks.. Wanted to share a Gothic Potion Cabinet I completed. Really very happy with how it turned out. The pottery bottles are all hand made by me from polymer clay.

 above and below are a few new bottles I have created.. Will be making more of these soon..

I also wanted to share that my Friend Patricia Paul has started a blog.. You can see it here:
Many of you already know her creations, but if you are not familiar with her she makes spooky and unsual miniatures pieces of art that so wonderful.. Below her Gargoyle bead...