Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hogwarts in miniature

Just for fun I thought I would post some videos of Sally Wallaces Miniature Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In honor of the last movie due out.
Below are 3 videos where she narrates and shares details of her castle. It was a collaboration between Sally and Rik Pierce. Many .... many artists pieces are inside. I am proud to say that some of my pieces are in there too. Specially Books, paper stacks, scrolls and Orreries.. But also a lot of the food I recognized as mine. This was back in the time when I used to make lots of food items.
Sally was one of the reasons I was able to start working on my miniatures full time. She really helped me expand my miniature making too. She would just say "do you think you can make some chocolate frogs?" Then I found 0ut yes I could make them. heheh.. I believe she is the first person to ask for a open book from me... many years ago.. enjoy..

Miniature Hogwarts video 1

Miniature Hogwarts video 2

Miniature Hogwarts video 3

You can see more still photos here:

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A few new Mini Books

A little batch of books for you to look over.. I am working hard on my books shop and trying to make some books to sell too.. I have to make a living I can't just play all the time:-) I always feel so guilty when working on my personal projects. But the truth is when I take some time and make items for myself I come up with new creations and techniques.

Above a group photo.. You can see more detail photos of each book on my web page

Dragon Theme books

The photos below and above show some of my "legible" books that I have available. These are usually special order but I have a few for sale on this page ready for purchase:

Book with secrete compartment and potion

Above and below are wizards zodiac gear books.

Fairy wand book

Double strap book. Does open

Blue bat book with real opal moon

Above are some new style books that I am making for my book shop. I think they look more realistic and will look nice on the shelves.

Blood shot eye spell book.. :-) it has been working to hard.. hhehe..