Saturday, March 31, 2012

Honeydukes sweets

I have added a few new sweets to my Etsy shop. I have sooooo many extra items that don't fit into my Honeydukes shop. I am slowly taking photos of them. But it is taking a long while. This time I have photographed about 4 of the "no-melt" ice cream that I created to resemble the ones in the Harry Potter movie. When I have time I will take photos of my Honeydukes building. I will be putting it up for sale later this month to make room for other projects.

 Fun stands that were modeled after my reliquaries..


Thursday, March 22, 2012

DollsHouse and Miniature Scene Cover

Finally got my hands of two magazines with some of my work in them.
First!... I am so very excited to say my Marie Antoinette roombox made the cover of DollsHouse and Miniature Scene April 2012 issue.
 It is always great to have my creations published, but to have it on cover is too cool!!
 Deb Weissler wrote a wonderful article about my roomboox and really summed up the life of Marie Antoinette so well.

She also did a great job of making sure all the artists represented in the scene were mentioned.
Just to name a few:
Doll by Todd Krueger and Sylvia Mobley
Chair dressed by Kelly Curtis
Jewelry by Lori Ann Potts
Shoes by Sylvia Roundtree (The Dolls Cobbler) and Dominique Ochsenbein (Humpty Dumpty House
Cakes and pastries by Jackie Dunn, Lori Tonetti, Ann Caesar of the Kitchen Captive, Leslie Burgess of The English Kitchen, and Emmaflam and Miniman.
The champagne bottle by minicris of Italy.
pugs, sculpted by Canadian artist Karl

  Also... I am very proud of my first show coverage article in Dollhouse Miniatures March/April 2012 issue.. Thanks to all the wonderful artistes at the Denver show who allowed me to photograph there precious treasures. I had a great time doing it. It is a wonderful way to meet all the artists and really get to know them.. below are some photos form the article..


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Medieval Illuminating desk Commission

Hello everyone... Some finished photos of a commission I am very proud of. 
A 15th century style Medieval Illuminating desk. An illuminated manuscript is a manuscripts decorated with gold or silver, but can also refer to any decorated or illustrated manuscript. 
They have been dated back to AD 400 to 600. Mostly religious.

 The painting (on the right) depicts the bridge and Church of Our Lady, in Bruges, Belgium. That is where the tomb of Mary of Burgundy is found. The Mary of Burgundy theme also continues in the open book shown on the top of the desk. These were some personal touches that were important to my collector. I enjoy the details when completing projects.

Filled real aged leather trunk.

My inspirations for the desk. mid-15th century painting by Gabriel Mälesskircher..
Left to Right: Saint Mark , Saint Luke, Saint John , Saint Matthew... the Evangelist

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lots and Lots of Lollipops

Hello everyone.... Been slow updating my blog. I have lots to talk about including a few articles published in magazines. But I will wait till I get them in my hands before I talk about them.. For now here are some Lollipops I have made. They are for sale on my Etsy store here: Also I am getting ready to sell my Honydukes sweet shop to make room for other items. For now here are some photos of my Lolly's.... I like to photograph them up close to see all the details..