Friday, December 21, 2012

Many Many Butterflies

A few new butterfly minis to show. Cutting out the little guys took me way longer than I figured. Last time I used a kit. But I wanted some new verity this time so I made them myself... I always think of these as something the Doctor would have in the movie or book "The time Machine". Victorian scientific.. But I am sure a witch or Wizard would find use in them too:-)
If you are interested in any of them I have listed them on my Etsy page here:

 Group photo of some of my favorites..

 Actias luna, commonly known as the Luna Moth

 Some of my new tiny dome butterfly stands. I like how they show off each individual butterfly

Above a little twist on my butterfly specimen viewer and stand. This one displays test tubes of herbs and plant matter.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Wizard Dragon Table

Sorry it has been so long since my last post. I did not really get to post anything Halloween themed.. Maybe later in the week I will share some photos of my "real size" potion bottles. I try to add to them every year.

Some Big news... I was informed that my miniatures will be on exhibit at the Kentucky Gateway Museum. I am so excited about this. There are two miniature building displays that will feature my miniature creations. Both of the displays are really filled with my work. I don't think they will be on display till later next year but I will post when I find out more information. Here is a link to there web page: It looks like a really nice museum and I hope to get there someday..

Okay on to the Wizard Dragon Table and books, books, books...

 Above is a group photo of all my books and the finished table.

A few closeup photos of the table below.

 Above and below a secret potion book. I am proud of the way the binding turned out.

Below some photos of my new leather embossed tecnique. 
They are a delicate design but I like how they turned out too..

Detail of the embossing on the spine of old book.

 A stack of thick old books..

 Steam punk book

Dragon Lock Journal

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jeweled Miniature Celestial Instruments

Some new Jeweled Miniature Celestial Instruments. I did not age down the brass as much I usually do..So these seem to be more shiny and jeweled than my usual celestial instruments.
They are available on page here:

Most the instruments shown with Todd Krueger's 1/12 scale wizard. To show size..
And just to show Todd's wonderful wizard.. Heheh..

 Wizard Sun, Moon, and Star Lens. A very pretty purple blue glass cab in the center.

 Lots of gears and parts under a thick lens.

 Crystal Ball Orrery.. I got this idea from the recent "Red Ridding Hood" Movie..
Although I really did not like the movie.. I loved the orrery in the movie.

 Floor standing Orrery...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Relics and Curiosities Published in the UK

Just got a copy of Dolls House and Miniature Scene October issue. Contains some really great photos of my Relics, Reliquaries, and Curiosities.. So strange to see them published.. I thought they were going to be to weird to sell.. But they are quite popular.. I love the English magazines because they are larger and always are very generous with there photo space.. I MUST say a big thank you to Deb Weissler for writing such a great article. She also did a little write up about me in the August issue of Dolls House World in her "tick...tock" article..

I have to show the cover (above) because it has my name in print. That is a BIG deal:-) hehe..


 They did a close-up of the saints hand in a relic.. (above) Can you believe there are actually Relics like that?
(below) my curiosity cabinet. Need to make more of them.

 "tick...tock" August Dollhouse World article below..

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A few new mini curiosity's and Lola picked a winner

 Recently decorated a desk as a special order. She wanted lots of curiosities for the strange eccentric  couple that live in the room box..

I came up with some new items including some of the shell displays. More of them to come soon.

 It is an interesting table it was featured on the cover of Dollhouse Miniatures way back in Sept 2006.

Also... Little Lola my Chihuahua has picked picked the winner of the book..
If you look in here eyes you can tell she is very trustworthy.. Hehehe..


 She is not really sure why we made a big mess on the floor.. She usually loves to rip into paper but I am sure she thought it was some kind of trick. But she did pick a winner with a bit of prodding..

Wohooo for  Irina of Finland !!!