Monday, October 15, 2018

Miniature Wizard Orrery Table

Miniature Wizard Orrery Table
Hello all... Finally, able to take some photos of my new orreries. If you are interested, please visit my web page or click the shop button below. Thanks so much for looking.

Stands about 7” tall to the top of the hand and about 6” wide. Handmade 1/12 scale miniature. Very ornate and packed wizard table. Was very fun to make. Includes everything shown in the photo. Including five brass instruments, two open books and 6 closed books. Hand carved wooden wand and paper scrolls. The owl is artist made (I believe Theresa Summers? Someone may have to correct me:-) The wizard hat has a face similar to the Harry Potter sorting hat. It is handmade by me from leather. Please email me with any questions.

Group photo of all the items I have up for sale.

New large telescope with open celestial book.

 Group of Telescopes

 Group of wizard lenses

 Group of celestial instruments.