Monday, January 27, 2020

New Curiosities in Spellbound Curiosities Mini Store!

Hello All
Ancestor Skulls, Vampire Skull Cabinet, Luna Moth Case, and much more. Please come by and take a look. Very much in the Harry Potter Borgin and Burks style. I have started plans for making my own Borgin and Burks. I was so inspired when I visited knockturn alley at Universal Studios in Florida.  Stay tuned!

Luna Moth Case

The Rosetta Stone Specimen Case

 Fiji Mermaid Specimen

 Ancestor Skulls

Vampire Skull Cabinet

Monday, January 6, 2020

Mini Books!

Hello all. Hope you had a happy holiday season. It was a big year for me because I moved to a new house an I did not get much made for about half a year. But I am all moved into my new work area. and have big plans for this year. Please stop by my web page to see my new books:-) Lots of fun and different books in this batch. You can tell I love to play with resin. I am getting really good at it too. Thanks so much for looking.