Sunday, March 16, 2014

Table of Celestial Books and a couple of New Articles

I have almost sold ALL the books from my previous post! Thanks so much everyone..
There are about 7 left and I put them on eBay here:
ebay ID minifood
 also only 1 potion book left here:

 A new table I just completed I wanted to show everyone..
I enjoy making these tables.. I guess they are how I picture my books displayed in my mind..
 You can see more photos of it here:

This month American Miniaturist has reprinted the English article about my Marie Antoinette room box.. They have featured in on the cover with a close up of Todd Kruegers Doll he created for the room.. very exciting for me!!

 Also below dollshouse world has reprinted my "lolly how to".
If you ever were wondering how I created my lollys you might want to check it out..
Off to try and get me a copy too..

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Miniature Books.. A BIG Batch

Hello everyone..
Taken me a long while to take photos of all my new books but here they are..

Have Fun!