Friday, November 5, 2010

My mermaids new home

I thought I would share my mermaids fish bowl. She usually stays in my curio cabinet. But I finally found her a permanent home in a bowl (with a lid to keep the dust out). The porcelain top was made by Sylvia Mobly and then made into a mermaid by Todd Krueger. She is surrounded by her treasure horde. Possibly in the future I may display her like she is on an island surrounded by water inside the bowl. That my lift here a little higher. But I haven't quiet figured out how I will do that:-)..

Todd is also dressing me a Marie Antoinette doll that I am so very excited to get. I will be showing off pieces of my Marie roombox soon.

also.... can anyone tell me how to break your blog up into different pages?? or does it do that automatically? I don't want to have so many photos to load on one page and jam up someones computer..

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Miniature Potion Bottles

Miniature Potion Bottles
A new batch of miniature potion bottles for sale. These are really just as fun to make as the "real size" bottles, and they don't take up any room. He!!
Included are Dragon embryos and some new "fiji mermaid" bottles. I also have finished some hanging bottles in this batch.