Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A few new mini curiosity's and Lola picked a winner

 Recently decorated a desk as a special order. She wanted lots of curiosities for the strange eccentric  couple that live in the room box..

I came up with some new items including some of the shell displays. More of them to come soon.

 It is an interesting table it was featured on the cover of Dollhouse Miniatures way back in Sept 2006.

Also... Little Lola my Chihuahua has picked picked the winner of the book..
If you look in here eyes you can tell she is very trustworthy.. Hehehe..


 She is not really sure why we made a big mess on the floor.. She usually loves to rip into paper but I am sure she thought it was some kind of trick. But she did pick a winner with a bit of prodding..

Wohooo for  Irina of Finland !!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Miniature Steam-Punk Book Givaway

  Hello everyone...

Update.. we have a winner. Just waiting on confirmation to post the winners name. If you did not win don't worry.. I will be having more giveaways in the next months..

I am getting really close to 300 followers on my blog.. That is just amazing to me.. So to show you I really am appreciative I am having a little giveaway. It will be the leather Steam Punk book shown below..

The drawing will be in one week.. on the night of  Monday August the 13th...

I have a few new miniature Steam Punk Books and a few New Lens books.

I am calling these my "steam punk" books because that is usually what others call them,, but really I used to call them my "wizards celestial books" and they were my moms idea.. My mom has always been ahead of the game. heheh.. She seen me making orrerys and telescopes and said that I should add a few gears to the front of my books.. Tadaaaa...

The books below are available on my Etsy page now..